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A betta way to make a tuna sandwich, with Deniz Ficicioglu of BettaF!sh

2. April 2024

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Deniz Ficicioglu loves tuna so much that she doesn't want them to be put in a can. 🐟

That's why she founded BettaF!sh, an alternative proteins company that  uses seaweed to create plant-based fish alternatives that replicate the taste, texture, and experience of traditional fish, minus the devastating effects of fishing.

Check out this 30-minute episode to hear how:

🐟 Tuna are freaking awesome and can swim basically as fast as a Fiat 500
🇪🇺 Their products are currently available in 10 different European countries 
🛫 Japan Airlines serves their vegan tuna on flights from London to Tokyo and back
🧪 The company's R&D team is continuously working on developing a toolbox of seaweed ingredients for food industry players

#climatetech #altproteins #fish #tuna #salmon #seaweed

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