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A surfer decides to tackle ocean plastic, with Joel Tasche of CleanHub

9. April 2024

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Joel Tasche is the founder of CleanHub, and is on a mission to clean up our oceans, all while empowering marginalized waste workers.  🌊 And it all started with his passion for surfing. 

Listen to this episode to learn how CleanHub:

🚛 implements tracking systems all the way from households to disposal sites, ensuring transparency and efficiency

💻 is developing its platform into a full-stack waste management system, borrowing efficiency strategies from Amazon's playbook

🌍 is expanding its waste collection and sorting capacities in coastal communities in India, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Cambodia

🤝 is working on upskilling programs and social audits to improve working conditions for waste sorters

#cleantech #wastemanagement #plasticcredits #recycling #sustainability

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