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Fighting food misinformation with Robbie Lockie of the Freedom Food Alliance

29. April 2024

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Robbie Lockie is co-founder of Plant-Based News and has just launched the Freedom Food Alliance, which fights misinformation and empowers people with the best science and expert alliances to create meaningful societal change.

In this episode, we talked about:

🌱 The deceptive tactics used by the meat and dairy industries to discredit plant-based alternatives

🎙️ Celebrity influence in promoting a plant-based lifestyle, featuring the likes of Alicia Silverstone and Joaquin Phoenix, including running Jamie Oliver’s online presence back in the day 

🌍 The Plant Based Treaty, a global initiative to shift away from animal-based food systems and restore ecosystems  🍔 The challenges and opportunities in the plant-based food industry, including the move towards fewer and more natural sounding ingredients

As discussed in the episode, the Plant Based News Podcast had some interviews with famous vegans. Here are a few of them:

Megadeth Drummer Dirk Verbeuren

Bones and All” author Camille Deangelis

Actor Alicia Silverstone

Conservationist, anthropologist and activist Jane Goodall

#futurefood #plantbased #climatetech

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