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Hardware is hard but we wrote the playbook with Andreas Schwarzenbrunner of Speedinvest

21. Mai 2024

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Andreas Schwarzenbrunner always thought he's get into politics. But, as a partner leading the climate tech and industrial tech practices at Speedinvest, he's arguably playing an even bigger role in Europe's future this way.

In this episode we talked about:

🌍 Why hardware is hard but absolutely critical in climatetech
🔬 How crucial de-risking with corporate customers is for startups
💡 The role of policy in driving climatetech investment
🏭 The challenges of scaling up production and fundraising for founders
📘 The creation of "Building and Scaling Climate Hardware," a playbook for the climate tech sector

Check out "Building and Scaling Climate Hardware: A Playbook" here.

#climatetech #venturecapital #VC #deeptech

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