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Investing in Gigacorns and other ways to avert climate disaster with Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont of Extantia

23. Juni 2023

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Extantia is a ClimateTech fund decarbonization fund investing in gigacorns: companies that have the potential to offset or obviate a gigaton of carbon every year.

Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont talks about carbon markets and Extantia's long-term view of carbon pricing, the investment gap between the sectors attracting the. most attention versus the ones doing the heaviest lifting on emissions reduction, and why ClimateTech will soon be an outdated term.

Carlota raises how the newspaper The Guardian recently damaged the carbon offset industry with an oversimplified series of articles about credit valuation, and how we’re living out the Tragedy of the Commons.

Carlota's heroes are David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg.

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