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The interview every climatetech investor and founder needs to hear with Jeff Katz of 1.5° Ventures

7. August 2023

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Jeff Katz is a serial entrepreneur who these days invests in climatetech through his company builder and investment vehicle 1.5° Ventures.

In this conversation, Jeff dives into the many structural problems with VC and how it's not set up to tackle the massive challenges around climate change. This interview is packed with insights both for professional investors in the sector as well as climatetech entrepreneurs and how they can avoid falling into all kinds of traps.

Jeff talks about why we don't have time to follow the normal growth trajectories investors and entrepreneurs are used to since climate change is an impatient master. And we talked about how Europe risks losing its edge if it doesn't step up its ambition to deal with our biggest existential threat.

Jeff mentions this CAPEX financing guide for hardware climatetech startups.

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