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This CEO will make it possible for animal lovers to sleep well at night: Shannon Falconer of BioCraft

28. August 2023

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It's hard to be an animal lover. Those of us who eat plant-based diets because we don't want to harm animals are also very likely to have cats and dogs at home. And so we end up unwittingly fuelling cruel and unsustainable meat production every day. Dogs can be plant-based--though they don't all take to it--but cats, as obligate carnivores, are the real challenge.

But what if you could feed your pets real meat that didn't come from animals?

That's the promise of BioCraft Pet Nutrition, which makes meat from chicken, mouse, and rabbit cell cultures that will be in commercial pet food as soon as 2025.

Founder and CEO Shannon Falconer talks about her personal mission to make pet food good for animals, people, and the planet.

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